What to Do with All that Jam?

too much jamMaybe this isn’t a common problem. I admit to suffering from what I like to call Preserving Mania. Maybe it’s a throwback to my Back to the Land days, when we had no electricity nor refrigeration and were trying to raise all our own food. But now I live alone (well, me and the dogs), and how much jam can I eat, really. It makes good gifts, but one jar at a time only adds up to maybe a dozen per year. My kids now give me THE LOOK when I visit bearing jam.

So, research project: what can you do with jam, other than spread it on toast? A few things were obvious: it makes great flavoring for plain yogurt. Thumbprint cookies rock the Christmas cookie exchanges and potlucks. Jam bars, too.  But what else have I not thought of? To the Google machine!

I found some great ideas, some of which I know I will use this year. Here’s my top ten, in no particular order:

  1. Jammy fruit leather. How could I not have thought of this? I’ve been making apple leather for years, but I never thought of flavoring the basic applesauce with jam! Brilliant.
  2. Rustic Jam Shortbread Tart. This recipe combines two of my favorite things: shortbread and using up jam. Yum!
  3. Vegan Thumbprint Cookies. A vegan take on the classic. You know you’re eventually going to go to a potluck at a vegan friend’s house and this way, you won’t feel like an idiot.
  4. Hamantaschen. If you’ve never tasted this traditional Jewish Purim treat, you’re in for a treat! These bite-sized, buttery, triangular cookies can be filled with either poppy seeds or (of course) jam. Perfect!
  5. Barbecue Sauce. Tired of making sweets with your jam? Try this savory sauce for your next grill session.
  6. Sparkling Jam Cocktail. Drink the too-much-jam blues away!
  7. Fruity Vinaigrette: you could do this with any flavor of jam.
  8. Sweetie Pies. So cute. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.
  9. Jam Straws. What’s not to love about these?
  10. Pull-Apart Easter Blossom Bread. So beautiful.

I’d be interested to hear if any of our readers have had (and preferably solved) this problem. Maybe I need counseling.

P.S. Ooh, I found another one. Can’t resist Strawberry Jam Sweet Rolls!

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