The MOST Decadent Camping Treat Ever

Move over s’mores, there’s a newer, more decadent, more fattening, more delicious version ready to take over the camping treat throne.

I’ve just returned from a camping vacation with (mostly) young men. You know the ones: hike all day, burn up thousands (if not millions) of calories, and then return to camp not only ravenous, but actually in caloric deficit enough to deserve a hugely sinful campfire treat. S’mores, you say? Not even good enough. Not even.

decadent camping treat

Nephew Aaron about to enter camping heaven

So we sat around the campfire, having already done the s’mores thing (I, naturally, going with the caloric flow even though I didn’t go on the hike). We’d roasted the hot dogs already, too. And then someone realized we hadn’t wrapped the hot dogs in pre-cooked bacon as we had intended (horrors, plain hotdogs). What to do with that bacon? No one wanted another hot dog. But we did want more s’mores. You can probably guess the rest. Here’s the recipe, perfected by much taste-testing.

Bacon-Wrapped S’mores

You’ll need:
A campfire burned down to suitable coals.
Skewers (I prefer the long, wire forks, but sticks will do)
Hungry campers

Ingredients per serving:
2 marshmallows
2 squares chocolate
1 slice pre-cooked bacon (don’t use raw bacon)
2 graham cracker squares

Push a square of chocolate into the middle of each marshmallow. Stack the marshmallows one on top of the other. Wrap both marshmallows into a bacon-wrapped packet, making sure the marshmallows are completely covered. Pin the bacon in place with the skewer. Roast the packet over coals until you start to see marshmallow oozing out through the bacon. Slip the packet between the two graham cracker squares and squeeze gently. Enjoy.

We ended up (unsanitarily) passing the treats around the circle of campers. I had two bites and was completely satisfied. I’m not sure I can imagine eating a whole one myself. But I think it might have been the best thing I ever tasted.


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