Spring Radish Craving

red-radishesTowards the end of winter, I get a craving for red radishes. White ones and daikon will do in a pinch, but not the pink. As soon as they show up in the Farmers Market I’ll start buying 4 bunches for the week and munch them throughout the day as a snack. Twist them off the bunch, wash under the faucet, snap the root off and crunch away. Early spring radishes are sweet, juicy, tangy, tender and crunchy. They stay this way for a month or two, until the weather becomes consistently hotter. Then the taste gets stronger, sometimes bitter, and the texture gets tougher. That’s when my radish craving evaporates like morning dew in the hot sun.

daikonCravings are funny things. Where do they come from? My radish craving has been going on for years and I was curious. I did a little online research and found that some pre-industrialized cultures considered them a spring tonic that revitalized the body after a long winter without fresh vegetables.

More recently, scientific studies have shown that radishes help digestion, cleanse the kidneys and detoxify the body. They’re low-cal, low fat, low sugar, have many vitamins and minerals (including lots of Vitamin C) and they hydrate the body. My body is asking for what it need when it’s craving radishes. Thank you, body.

Watermelon radishOkay, I have to admit that while writing this post, I came across Watermelon Radishes with their deep magenta center surrounded by a circle of white (seen at the right) and I can’t wait to try them.

Do you get food cravings in spring? How about summer, fall or winter?

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