Smoothing Dry, Frizzy Hair

Woman with dry frizzy hairI’m writing this article with a towel wrapped around my head. Under the towel is a plastic bag and under the bag is my hair, well gooped in olive oil.

My thick, shiny, oily hair started to become dry and frizzy 10 years ago. I managed it well enough with conditioner until about a year ago when it became very dry and so frizzy that nothing worked. I tried various de-frizzing serums which, to my surprise, made my hair drier and frizzier. Turns out they contain alcohol, which dries hair out. Drier hair frizzes.

roseanne roseannadannaTruth be told, my hair looked a lot like Roseanne Roseannadanna’s. I was reluctantly but seriously contemplating a very short cut when a friend shared a solution that turned out to solve the problem.

I went to see her for a warm oil massage. She noticed my dry, frizzy hair and offered to work warm oil into it and leave it in for the hour massage. I said sure, why not? At the end of the massage, she handed me a bottle of moisturizing hair conditioner and one of a very mild moisturizing shampoo and sent me off for a shower.

Woman with half frizzy half smooth hairShe said to apply the conditioner before shampooing and rinse twice before shampooing. The moisturizer gets the oil out. It sounded strange, but I did it, then shampooed and then applied conditioner one more time just to be sure. Miracle of miracles, my hair was smooth, soft and shiny.

She was right about the conditioner doing a better job of getting the oil out than the shampoo. After the next massage, I tried 3 applications of shampoo first, but the oil didn’t come out. I had to then apply conditioner twice, shampoo again, rinse, apply conditioner, and rinse. So it’s conditioner, rinse, conditioner, rinse, shampoo, rinse, conditioner, rinse. I use warm water instead of hot water because it’s gentler on hair.

Spectrum Natural organic olive oilI have been doing this every 2 weeks ever since. My friend used sesame oil. I’ve tried sesame and coconut oil, but my favorite is olive oil.

Let us know how the warm oil treatment worked for you. What else do you use to revive your dry, frizzy hair.

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