Planning Ahead: a tale of socks

plan aheadMy son-in-law feels left out. I made my grand daughter, age 16 months, a knitted cotton bathrobe for Christmas, but it took forever and I didn’t have time to make anything for anyone else. And besides, I thought they were all a bit sick of getting scarves and sweaters and hats and mittens. But no… Jacob specifically requested after-Christmas socks.

On my way back from my Christmas visit to California, I found some beautifully soft Silk & Bamboo yarn in several different colors at a Michaels store. Once home, I dug out my trusty Simple Socks pattern, and started in. The first one went well. I knitted random width stripes, guessed at his foot size (it would be too easy to ask, after all), and ended up with a beautifully soft, vibrantly striped sock. Yay. It was not until I got halfway through the second one that I realized I hadn’t taken into account that a sock to fit a men’s size 11 foot takes a bit more yarn than a women’s size 8. Duh, you say? I agree. However, there I was, without enough yarn to finish.

Now, let me explain something to you about living on an island. You don’t just pick up and go to a store on the mainland. A trip like that involves planning because the stupid ferry (see my rant about protesting BC Ferries’ fare increases) costs $30. You need to figure out if you’re going to save that much by going off-island.  Things ARE less expensive, but usually you have to save up errands to make it worthwhile. I couldn’t get the yarn at the local store because it wouldn’t be the same colors. Aha, I thought, mail order. I went to the website of the company that made the yarn. I searched for the name of the yarn. I found the yarn. I ordered the yarn. It cost a mint because it was coming from the States and I had to pay shipping and duty. But it would still be cheaper than the ferry. I waited. It takes forever for things to be shipped here. About three weeks in this case. I was excited to open the box. Guess what? The colors didn’t match. At all.

So I waited again. Finally, after about a month,  I had to go to Victoria for an appointment; I took the opportunity to buy more yarn.  So now, at long last, Jacob’s socks are done.

But, I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to make my daughter a pair to match? That would be cute, right? And it seemed like I had enough left over from Jacob’s pair. The operative word in that sentence, by the way, is “seemed.” Yes, you guessed it. I got halfway through the second sock and didn’t have enough. Luckily the ferry protest took me to Victoria again, and I bought more yarn.

So, this sock project took two trips on the $30 ferry, about $80 worth of yarn plus about three months to complete. Maybe I should have planned  ahead. However, I think I have enough yarn for a pair for me. What do you think?

Am I the only one who is planning impaired around here? Share some of your stories so I don’t feel so alone.

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