The Handy Rolling Shopping Tote

Olympia Rolling ToteI remember watching Bubbies in my neighborhood push their silver wire, wheeled shopping carts to, from and through the grocery store. My Bubbie had one, too. She didn’t drive, so when my grandfather was at work, she walked to the store and carried one or even two big bags of groceries home in it. During the summer, I would walk with her and we would talk about many things. I remember telling her silly jokes and her laughing until her eyes teared. Those were sweet times.

I injured my back a while ago. My doctor told me not to carry grocery bags, laundry baskets, stacks of books, or anything heavier than a couple of pounds until it had recovered and she expected that to take a couple of months. I had no idea how many things I carry in a day until then. I tried, unsuccessfully, to avoid carrying heavy things, but ended up reinjuring my back. So, what to do?

Vintage Metal Shopping CartUp from the dark depths of the Magic 8 Ball of my mind, a misty, wispy memory of Bubbies pushing silver wheeled shopping carts floated to the surface. A good 50 years had passed since I had last thought about them, let alone seen one. Did they still exist? So many items that we grew up with have become extinct or maybe moved to parallel universes.

I deftly shifted into shopping mode, girded my loins with a credit card, fired up the old browser and headed out on hunting safari into the wide open shopping savannah of the world wide web, where all things can be tracked, bagged and delivered to your door.

It took a while to hunt down the desired beast. Entering the term “wheeled shopping cart” into the search field yielded millions (billions?) of links to a plethora of online store shopping carts. Nope. That’s not what I wanted. Okay, what is it called now? I searched every possible synonym…(much time passing)… and finally flushed it from its clever hiding place. It now goes by the name “Rolling Shopping TOTE” and it has evolved.

Olympia rolling tote giraffe.jpgThe good news is that the handy rolling shopping tote is quite inexpensive and pretty. It looks like nice soft luggage. You can match it to your wardrobe, your car, or your sunglasses. There are many sizes, shapes and fabrics to choose from. They’re handy to have around the house. I got two: one for library books and one for  grocery bags and laundry.

I read through the reviews on Amazon and bought the Olympia Rolling Shopping Tote (see black polka dot tote above). There were a couple of others that looked good, too. The Olympia totes work well. They are lightweight but sturdy, big enough for what I need to carry, stand without falling over (some don’t), can be pushed or pulled, are easy to maneuver, and have long enough handles so you can stand up straight while using them (some have shorter handles and you have to lean over). It has an open top. The plastic handle telescopes up and down as needed. There are comfortable fabric handles so you can carry it like a regular shopping bag. It weighs very little.

The rolling tote saved me from reinjuring my back many times. Since my back healed, I’ve continued using them for library books, art materials, and heavier groceries like big bottles of cleaning products and so on. They are very handy.

Do you use a Rolling Shopping Tote? Share your experiences with our readers. Tell us what you think.

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