Favorite Mysteries: Second Sight

Second Sight Mystery seriesHere’s a fourth mystery TV series that I think you’ll enjoy. Second Sight is a collection of 4 mystery stories that were originally shown in two seasons. It has since been reissued as 4 separate TV movies. They are, in order:

Second Sight
Second Sight: Parasomnia
Second Sight: Kingdom of the Blind
Second Sight: Hide and Seek

It’s an English police procedural that first aired in 1999 and ran through 2000. Detective Chief Inspector Ross Tanner is played by Clive Owen who you may also have seen in Sin City and Elizabeth: The Golden Age. The series was written by Paula Milne, one of England’s best known screenwriters. You should  watch them in order so you can follow the development of the characters and overarching story threads.

owen-ss08The series follows DCI Tanner as he investigates 4 unique murders. At the beginning of the first story, Tanner is diagnosed with a rare eye condition that affect his sight but also seems to increase his ability to intuit difficult cases. The camera often shows us what he is seeing as his eye condition distorts and hides what he sees. It’s beautifully done. As with all good murder mysteries, there are subplots and memorable moments aplenty that weave through the body of the series.

It’s an atmospheric, slightly noir series that bears watching. Let us know how you like it.

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