Delicious Sugar-Free Chocolate Bars

Lily's chocolate
I just read Bubby Sadie’s post on Willpower Cookies. Great idea. It’s a brilliant way to eat sweets without going overboard. Coincidentally, I’ve been thinking about treats, too. I’m in the mood for chocolate right now.

I have my family’s sensitivity to sugar, so I limit how much of it I eat, so I use Stevia in my tea and coffee. I had tried several brands of Stevia-sweetened dark chocolate, and didn’t like their flavor, but I kept looking, tasting and hoping. I recently found a delicious brand and thought our chocoloate-loving readers would want to know about it.

Lily’s chocolate bars tastes like rich, creamy, fragrant, chocolatey, sugar-sweetened chocolate. You can’t taste the Stevia at all. There are several flavors: Dark Chocolate with Almonds, Dark Chocolate with Coconut, Dark Chocolate with Crispy Rice, plain Dark Chocolate, plain Milk Chocolate and Milk Chocolate with Salted Almonds. Our local Whole Foods carries it and I’ve seen it on Vitacost. I’m delighted and thrilled to have chocolate in my life once again. Small, wonderful pleasures. Life is good.

Do you eat sugar-free chocolate? Have you found a brand you love? Tell us about it.

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