Dance Like No One’s Watching

I’m sixty-five this year. There, I’ve said it. I’ve never had a dancer’s body. Well, maybe when I was five. But sixty years later, not so much.

older-dancersBut I love to act and sing, which means musical theater is a natural for me. Unfortunately, being in a musical requires, at the very least, moving freely and gracefully. Maybe not dancing, but moving. And I have to say that doesn’t get any easier as the years roll by.

So, I determined that I would take a dance class. I convinced my wonderful yoga teacher, who also teaches dance to children, that she should start an Absolute Beginners Adult Dance Class. And when she did, well, I was kinda committed, wasn’t I?

I have to say, Kristen Lewis is the best possible person to teach this class. She is creative, fun, experienced, and flexible (in mind and in body). She is always concerned with avoiding injury and making the movement work in spite of limitations (like sore knees, balance issues, etc.) that sometimes come with age. She balances freedom of expression with actual choreography (gasp). And she’s wonderfully non-judgmental. It’s so important to find the right mentor/teacher.

I don’t really aspire to the heights reached by the people in this Guardian article, but they are evidence that it’s possible.

All this talk of dance leads to the more general topic: when is it too late to start? I read a lovely article in Huffington Post titled Dreams Have No Age Limit. Of course, if your dream is to climb Everest or swim the English Channel, you may have to rethink your ambition. But what else is on your bucket list? And what have you done that you thought you were too old to do? We want to hear about it and be inspired!

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