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6 Easy Ways to Green Your Home

living roomI was reading my friends’ posts on Facebook the other day when it dawned on me that we really are in the middle of a global shift in how we live on our home planet. I’ve been seeing little bits for some time, but now there’s a flood of information, collaboration and action on a variety of ecological subjects.… Read more

My Search for Quality Cookware

Tramontina Prima 5 quart Dutch OvenI love kitchen gear. I ordered a new 5 quart Dutch Oven and I’m excited because it’ll be here soon. I’ve been wanting to braise a brisket, and this pot is just the right size. It’ll get used a lot. Here’s what it looks like (see photo above right).… Read more

FREE Audiobooks from Your Library


Free Audiobooks from Your Library

Okay, I’ll say it again, at the risk of redundancy: I love audiobooks. I’ve always  been a reader, but audiobooks go it one better. They combine the best aspects of literature and theatre. Most of the people who narrate audiobooks are really excellent voice actors.… Read more

iPad Apps I Actually Use

iPad AppsI’m talking iPad apps other than Mail and Safari and Calendar and Notes. Those are a given, and they come preinstalled, so it’s not like you have to make a decision (and aren’t decisions the worst?) Below are the ones I’ve chosen, and then actually used, unlike the dozens of other iPad apps that just sit there looking at me in that accusing way they have.… Read more

Aging at Home: the Village Movement

older woman gardeningOne of my goals is to live in my own home for the duration, yet there may come a time when I can’t do everything myself. That concerns me.

I know several women in their 80s  who are in this position.… Read more

Spring Radish Craving

red-radishesTowards the end of winter, I get a craving for red radishes. White ones and daikon will do in a pinch, but not the pink. As soon as they show up in the Farmers Market I’ll start buying 4 bunches for the week and munch them throughout the day as a snack.… Read more

Delicious Sugar-Free Chocolate Bars

Lily's chocolate
I just read Bubby Sadie’s post on Willpower Cookies. Great idea. It’s a brilliant way to eat sweets without going overboard. Coincidentally, I’ve been thinking about treats, too. I’m in the mood for chocolate right now.

I have my family’s sensitivity to sugar, so I limit how much of it I eat, so I use Stevia in my tea and coffee.… Read more