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It’s That Time of Year Again: Cold Remedies

I’m currently recovering from my first cold of the season. Yechh. It’s a chest cold, with a lingering cough. I hate those. Sneezing can be kind of fun; coughing never is.

Cold RemediesI’m not big on taking over-the-counter cold medicines. It seems to me that they just prolong the cold and, in the case of a cough, keep your body from doing what it can to get rid of the congestion.… Read more

Latin American and Caribbean Salsas

cucumber mango salsaMy father was a culinary adventurer, a seeker after foreign delicacies and exotic flavors. He was passionate about world cuisines and brought them home for the family to try. I remember the first time he brought home a jar of pickled hot peppers from a Hungarian deli.… Read more

6 Easy Ways to Green Your Home

living roomI was reading my friends’ posts on Facebook the other day when it dawned on me that we really are in the middle of a global shift in how we live on our home planet. I’ve been seeing little bits for some time, but now there’s a flood of information, collaboration and action on a variety of ecological subjects.… Read more

4 Decadent Pancake Recipes

pancakes with blackbarry syrupMany of my fondest memories growing up happened in the presence of pancakes, at holiday brunches, midnight suppers. family camping trips, and birthday parties. Our family pancake tradition began with Bisquick flapjacks topped with butter and syrup, and moved on to encompass a wide variety of pancakes, crepes and latkes from all over the world, made of all sorts of ingredients, and topped with a mind boggling array of yummy extras.… Read more