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A Dress Up Box for the Grandkids

little girl dressed as gypsyEven before I was in grade school, my father used to scour thrift stores and garage sales for clothes that we could use to play dress up. He found things like a feather boa, a fancy feathered hat, a fez, a fireman’s hat, a Chinese embroidered silk purse, a Japanese kimono, rhinestone necklaces, many-layered petticoats, chandelier screwback earrings, slips with lace trim, beautiful old men’s ties, an embroidered fringed shawl, and many flowered scarves.… Read more

The MOST Decadent Camping Treat Ever

Move over s’mores, there’s a newer, more decadent, more fattening, more delicious version ready to take over the camping treat throne.

I’ve just returned from a camping vacation with (mostly) young men. You know the ones: hike all day, burn up thousands (if not millions) of calories, and then return to camp not only ravenous, but actually in caloric deficit enough to deserve a hugely sinful campfire treat.… Read more

Recipe: Thanksgiving Stars

One personal adjustment I had not anticipated having to make when I moved from the US to Canada was Thanksgiving. In Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving in October. Somewhat ironically, considering the part Native Americans play in the American myth of Thanksgiving and the role Columbus had in the ultimate destruction of that culture, in Canada we celebrate the gratitude holiday on the same weekend that Columbus Day is observed in the US.… Read more