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Audiobooks I’ve Loved: Because We Are

Another in my occasional series: Audiobooks I Have Loved.

(NOTE: All of the proceeds from sales of this book go to organizations that are doing real and good work on the ground in Haiti. Read more about that here:

Because We AreBecause We Are, a Novel of Haiti, sat in my queue of audiobooks for a few months, waiting for me to get up the nerve to listen to it.… Read more

Favorite Mysteries: Second Sight

Second Sight Mystery seriesHere’s a fourth mystery TV series that I think you’ll enjoy. Second Sight is a collection of 4 mystery stories that were originally shown in two seasons. It has since been reissued as 4 separate TV movies. They are, in order:

Second Sight
Second Sight: Parasomnia
Second Sight: Kingdom of the Blind
Second Sight: Hide and Seek

It’s an English police procedural that first aired in 1999 and ran through 2000.… Read more

Favorite Mysteries: Awake

Awake TV seriesI’m a big fan of  mystery TV series and have watched quite a few from all over the world. Here’s one I think you’ll enjoy.

This series is called Awake. It’s an American police procedural that first aired in 2012 and ran for 1 season of 13 episodes that covers an entire story cycle, ending with the last episode.… Read more

FREE Audiobooks from Your Library


Free Audiobooks from Your Library

Okay, I’ll say it again, at the risk of redundancy: I love audiobooks. I’ve always  been a reader, but audiobooks go it one better. They combine the best aspects of literature and theatre. Most of the people who narrate audiobooks are really excellent voice actors.… Read more

Favorite Mysteries: Midsomer Murders

Midsomer murdersSome people love crossword puzzles. I enjoy solving murder mysteries. My mother used to watch Inspector Morse on Masterpiece Theater (when it was called that) and I used to watch with her. We’d both try to figure out whodunit. I got hooked on playing armchair detective and I’ve been watching murder mysteries ever since.… Read more