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Latin American and Caribbean Salsas

cucumber mango salsaMy father was a culinary adventurer, a seeker after foreign delicacies and exotic flavors. He was passionate about world cuisines and brought them home for the family to try. I remember the first time he brought home a jar of pickled hot peppers from a Hungarian deli.… Read more

Urban Farming: Landshare and Fruitshare

Urban farming landshareI came across Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall‘s River Cottage TV cooking shows about a year ago. He moved out of London in his twenties to a village in Dorset as an experiment to see if he could grow his own food and thrive in the country.… Read more

Good Times with Bubby and Zaydeh

dress patternI was eleven when my mother went to work. I went to my grandparents’ house after school some days and stay until the evening. I helped my Bubby around the house and she taught me to sew and cook. She had been a seamstress in a women’s clothing factory before marrying my grandfather, so she knew how to sew well.… Read more

A Dress Up Box for the Grandkids

little girl dressed as gypsyEven before I was in grade school, my father used to scour thrift stores and garage sales for clothes that we could use to play dress up. He found things like a feather boa, a fancy feathered hat, a fez, a fireman’s hat, a Chinese embroidered silk purse, a Japanese kimono, rhinestone necklaces, many-layered petticoats, chandelier screwback earrings, slips with lace trim, beautiful old men’s ties, an embroidered fringed shawl, and many flowered scarves.… Read more

Time to Downsize: Selling the Family Home

downsizing the family home

Not my house, but you get the idea.

The arc of the American Dream: go to school, graduate, get a job, work hard so you can buy a house, pay the mortgage for years and years while you raise your children, retire and realize the house is too big or you want to live somewhere else, sell the house and buy your dream retirement home.… Read more

Toys You Can Make: Playdough and More


How to entertain the grandkids? The age-old problem. My lifestyle has moved on a bit from the toddler stage, and there are only so many age-appropriate toys I can keep for them year-to-year. So how about making some toys?

Playdough comes immediately to mind.… Read more