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Retirement and Moving: Location Research 1

Rose covered cottageLast week’s post was about my rather unexpected decision to move to a new town in a new state last year. I’ve found that the more you know about a town before you decide to move there, the better your chances of loving it for the longterm will be.… Read more

The Amazing Hot Pastrami Pesto Sandwich

Hot pastrami sandwich with pesto olive oilI love a good pastrami sandwich. There’s the much adored, toothsome Jewish classic on rye bread with good mustard and kosher dill pickles. And then there’s this very different italian masterpiece with the wonderful flavor of Pesto which is utterly amazing and delectable.… Read more

Smoothing Dry, Frizzy Hair

Woman with dry frizzy hairI’m writing this article with a towel wrapped around my head. Under the towel is a plastic bag and under the bag is my hair, well gooped in olive oil.

My thick, shiny, oily hair started to become dry and frizzy 10 years ago.… Read more

Delicious Curried Red Lentil Soup

curried red lentil soupOne of my favorite go to dishes is curried red lentil soup. It comes to us from India, where it’s called dal, or daal, or dahl, or dhal, which is why I’m calling it soup. However it’s spelled, it’s simple to make, richly flavorful and very satisfying.… Read more

Favorite Mysteries: Second Sight

Second Sight Mystery seriesHere’s a fourth mystery TV series that I think you’ll enjoy. Second Sight is a collection of 4 mystery stories that were originally shown in two seasons. It has since been reissued as 4 separate TV movies. They are, in order:

Second Sight
Second Sight: Parasomnia
Second Sight: Kingdom of the Blind
Second Sight: Hide and Seek

It’s an English police procedural that first aired in 1999 and ran through 2000.… Read more

Favorite Mysteries: Midsomer Murders

Midsomer murdersSome people love crossword puzzles. I enjoy solving murder mysteries. My mother used to watch Inspector Morse on Masterpiece Theater (when it was called that) and I used to watch with her. We’d both try to figure out whodunit. I got hooked on playing armchair detective and I’ve been watching murder mysteries ever since.… Read more