tea-cheesecakeHello. Thanks for stopping by. We are Sadie and Sophie, the Two Bubbies who write this blog.

We were lucky enough to grow up with wonderful Bubbies who shared their stories, knowledge and recipes with us. We’ve started this blog to do the same for you. Some of you had Bubbies and some of you didn’t, but always wished you did.

So come on in, have a cup of tea and a nosh, and spend a little time with the Two Bubbies. This is a relaxed, hamische place, where we’re all mishpocheh. You’re welcome to join right in.

Our kids are grown and living their own lives. Some of them have kids (grandkids!). We’re retired, and are busy doing the things we always wanted to do but put on hold while we worked and raised our kids. Bubbie Sadie is playing music, singing, and acting in local theater. Bubby Sophie is writing and making art. Our interests are many and varied and our focus is on what and who makes our lives good.

We’ve been friends a long time. We used to live in neighboring towns and now live in neighboring countries. We’re both involved in our communities, work at staying healthy and fit, spend time with family and friends, enjoy cooking and exploring world cuisine, and use technology to make life easier (or occasionally harder).

We’ll be interested to hear what you think about all this, so we hope you’ll share your thoughts and knowledge with us in the Comments sections. All in all, we think you’ll have a pretty good time.

As my Bubby would say, remember to wear your galoshes when it rains and always eat your carrots. And as the Two Bubbies would say, remember to have plenty of fun and eat dessert whenever possible.

Shep as much naches as you can,
Bubbies Sophie and Sadie

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